The Position of a Lifetime Opened Up for Me Recently

I had been jumping and rushing across the room for weeks, every time my cell phone rang and it wasn’t right next me already. This is because I had interviewed for a position that I wanted badly three weeks before and I was hoping to hear something. And then I received the phone call stating that I was being invited to accept the position as director at the company that I wanted to work at! I accepted, of course, and then after I hung up the phone, I had to start looking at apartments for rent in Newport News and getting ready to move. I did not have time to sit back and relax at that point, I had to start the moving process immediately.

I had been working hard for a lot of years to get to where I was. And then I wanted badly to get the position that was located in Newport News. The position didn’t open often because the person who had been in it previously had been there for 15 years. There was no telling when it would open up again if I didn’t get it. So, I did all that I could to learn everything I could about the company, polished up my interview skills and anything else that I could do to try to make sure that I had something that helped to make me stand out beyond the experience and education that I already have. I knew that, beyond that, it would take luck. But I also knew that I had a good shot.

After that phone call, I had to sit down and make list. I needed to lay out a schedule of how long everything should take and when to carry it out. I was told the position would start right away, but I needed to give at least 2 weeks notice at the place I’d already been working at for so long. That gave me a little extra time. But beyond that, everything needed to be packed and ready to move into a new place in my new work city.