Why Driving For Uber Can Be Easier Than Driving A Taxi

There is a very extensive licensing process for taxi drivers.  This includes having an occupational health professional provide a medical exam and getting an endorsement from a passenger.  Even though this requirement is not a bad one, it can certainly increase the upfront costs for those who wish to start their own businesses.  Driving for Uber is far easier.  All you need is your own vehicle, a mobile phone application, a driving record that is clean, comprehensive auto insurance and a clear criminal history.
How You Can Become An Uber Driver
While driving for Uber is not like driving a typical taxi, you still have to submit an application.  This is done by submitting answers to a few brief questions on the business website.  After this form is submitted, a criminal background check and a review of the driving record will be performed. It takes just a few weeks for applicants to get approved. After the service has approved them, new Uber drivers will get a mobile phone for free.  Drivers can locate clients by using the app and this can also be used for bookkeeping.  Clients submit their funds to the service and weekly paychecks are disbursed to drivers. These checks can be deposited into banking accounts or they can come by PayPal.
What Type Of Relationship Do Drivers And Uber Have?
Uber drivers function as independent contractors.  While there are certain standards that they must adhere to, they have the ability to work independently. This is different from a factory or office job, given that people can manage themselves.  The amount that each driver works is determined by person preference and the amount of local traffic.
What Are The Fees
Those who drive for Uber get to keep the majority of the money that they earn although 15% is deducted from these earnings. This can be as little as 10%, however, depending upon the duration of travel.  It is important for applicants to carefully review the terms so that they know exactly what these fees will be.  It is also vital to consider the costs of fuel and vehicle maintenance.
Those who work as part of ride sharing services might not get the traditional taxi sign, but they will experience a number of the same risks that are experienced among taxicab drivers.  Given that they work as independent contractors, Uber drivers enjoy more freedom than if working for a taxi company.  Those who opt to provide this type of transportation can set their own schedules and they can even look for vehicles that are more fuel-efficient than the standard police cruisers that are often favored by cab companies.  Uber drivers also have far less red tape to deal with.  It is certainly no fun to spend time sifting through piles of paperwork.