How an Online Housing Rental Website Helps Us Make More Money with Our Rental Properties

Everyone needs a place to live. My dad has always said that morticians and landlords will always have business. I suppose that both are kind of recession-proof incomes, but you still need to know how to do housing rental the right way if you expect to maintain a positive cash flow on all of your properties. My dad has stayed old school with his properties and shakes his head at some of the things he has seen my wife and I do. For example, we bought an apartment building from him and totally renovated it. We put a fortune into it and even bought an adjacent building, tore it down and made it into a dog park. My dad could not understand how we expected to make any money renting to people with pets.

However, this is how it is now. There are so many individuals and couples with pets instead of children, and many of them consider their pets as if they were their children. They keep them groomed, they train them and they are willing to spend a premium price to rent an apartment where there is an extensive pet walking, training and play area. We welcome dogs of all sizes and only insist on non-aggressive behavior. Plus, we charge $35 extra per month per pet up to two pets. Our income on the renovated place is paying off the additional loans fast. We are making a lot more money than my dad ever did with that building.

We refer a lot to a housing rental website that informs landlords of all the things we need to know to increase our positive cash flow and how to avoid problems that my dad had to learn the hard way on how to avoid. We have learned things such as the smart way to add a fitness center, the kinds of community spaces renters like and even how a fire pit can be an amenity that can get renters to sign a lease.